NY Business Communicators hosting mixer

January 23, 2012 by  

January 31st is the official date of the NY Business Communicators Meetup Mixer.

Being hosted at New York’s Room Fifty5 Lounge, Yonkers professionals are getting a unique opportunity to interact with other up and coming enterprisers. With the emphasis being placed on the value of getting to know other people in a fun environment, businesspeople can’t go wrong taking a look at what this group has to offer. The event organizers have summed it up as follows:

“As professional communicators – we write, edit, do PR, plan, manage, strategize and implement communications plans for our clients and employers. We are talented, savvy and creative business people. Some of us are very experienced, some of us are just starting out, and we have much to learn from each other. Let’s drink, eat, laugh and network so we can be heard, do our jobs better and grow our careers… You may be a student, career changer or leader in the field of marketing and corporate communications, internal communications or public relations.” (sic.)

Going beyond the chance to network and exchange a bit of business card printing, the business professionals planning to be at this event will be able to discuss the issues that matter to them with like-minded individuals. That factor alone makes this meet-up one worthwhile event.

Expected to begin at 6:30 pm and end 2 hours later at 8:30 pm, this open mixer is a great opportunity for those who want to see what NY Business Communicators is all about.