Free advertising workshop tomorrow in Yonkers

June 26, 2012 by  

With the Westchester SCORE holding a free workshop and the Bronxville Chamber of Commerce hosting the first of its Free Summer Concerts, Yonkers residents and professionals all have interesting options available to them this week.

The first of these events is one that looks to address a subject relevant to all decision-makers in all industries: getting exposure. While it certainly is true that this is an area where print companies can help, printing services like flyer printing or banner printing are best maximized when they are part of a bigger plan.

Through “Marketing, Advertising, & PR,” business owners will be learning all about how to take their companies to the next level. The subjects being covered in this presentation include the process of scoping out the competition and researching the company’s target demographic, the logistics of putting together a marketing campaign, keeping things cost-effective, hiring PR firms, and networking. Starting just after lunch at 1:00 pm and going for about two hours, this is a free event worth looking into for those who are up for it, taking place tomorrow, June 27.

Immediately afterwards, on Thursday, June 28, people who enjoy listening to live music are being invited to attend a concert held courtesy of the Bronxville Chamber. According to the website, the concert is expected to start at 6:30 pm and conclude at around 8:30 pm. With Bronxville restaurants offering food to those attending, this is clearly an event which has been organized with families in mind. Those present at this one are sure to have a good time.