Developers in Yonkers turn their attention to new space for stores

November 17, 2012 by  

New Jersey’s Morris Industrial Builders have their eye on what some might consider an unusual location for a new retail development.

The developers are hoping to turn a portion of land above an old landfill in Yonkers into a new half-million square foot retail plaza. The location is situated down the road from already existing retail spaces, including Home Depot and Costco. The goal of the new development would be a 475,000 square foot shopping facility and a parking lot with enough spaces for 800 vehicles. The retail area would also be landscaped to make it visually appealing.

Before the developers can begin to build or even find a tenant, they need to prove that the site is clean. The landfill was operated by the city of Yonkers until 1979. Scraps of metal, glass, and brick remain on site.

The site was tested and shown not to contain any contamination that presented a public health threat, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation. It is up to the developers to begin cleaning up the scraps and pieces of trash that remain. The plan is to cover the landfill with the building’s foundation and the parking lot. They will also have to have the land rezoned for retail use.

Once the developers are ready to take on tenants and open the retail space to the public, Yonkers banner printing could be used to help advertise the plans for the soon-to-be shopping space, perhaps announcing future stores and anticipated completion dates.