Williston Park students give back

October 15, 2013 by  

Students at two elementary schools in and near Williston Park recently had the chance to give back to their communities and to learn the value of helping others.

Students at Searingtown Elementary School kicked off the school year by donating books to the library. It was not their own library that benefited though; the books instead went to Rhames Avenue Elementary School.

The elementary school and others in the East Rockaway School District were severely hit by Superstorm Sandy last fall. The library at Rhames Avenue elementary suffered extensive damage. Along with boxes of books, the Searingtown school library also donated a book scanner to Rhames.

To acknowledge the generosity, students from Rhames Avenue Elementary could show their gratitude to Searingtown students using stationery printers to produce thank-you cards and letters.

Also, during the summer, students from Center Street Elementary School ran a lemonade stand. The used the proceeds from the stand to purchase a number of different media for their school’s library, including books, and DVDs. The students gave the books and media to the library at the start of the school year and were photographed with their donations soon after.

In giving the donations, the students had a specific goal. The books, DVDs, and other materials all center on the topic of food allergies. The students hope that the donations will raise awareness about the danger kids with allergies face. Titles donated included ‘Patty’s Secret: A Tale About Living with Food Allergies’ and ‘Princess Peanut’.