Williston Park students benefit from prep course center

November 15, 2013 by  

Students in Williston Park and the surrounding area now have a comfortable place to go to prepare for standardized tests.

The English Skills Center opened this month in nearby New Hyde Park. It was founded by Jainy Thomas, who teaches at Nassau Community College and previously taught at the City University of New York. Thomas noticed that many of her students weren’t ready for the demands of college level coursework. She opened the center after repeated requests from parents to tutor their children in writing.

The Center has courses for students in junior high and high school, as well as programs to help students get ready for the SAT test. An SAT bootcamp, for example, is an eight week long program that meets twice a week and spends the first four weeks studying English, then the last four weeks preparing for the math section of the test. Students have the option of attending both English and math sessions or just one or the other.

Thomas stated that she plans on placing an ad in the newspaper to increase enrollment. She could also consider using business card printing and distributing her card to Williston Park parents who ask for her assistance.

In addition to the group tutoring and SAT sessions offered by the center, there is the opportunity for students to participate in private tutoring. Eventually, the Center hopes to expand its services and reach out to adults who might need help with writing or proofreading.