Williston Park Safety Day is a success

August 19, 2013 by  

Hot weather and high humidity didn’t keep the crowds away from the recent Family Safety Day, which took place in Williston Park’s Kelleher Park at the beginning of August.

The day-long event was sponsored by Edward Ra, an Assemblyman for New York State, and shone the spotlight on fire prevention, texting safety and childcare.

Both Assemblyman Ra and Paul Ehrbar, the Mayor of Williston Park, were able to attend the event and there were three tables set up, offering information to people in attendance.

One of the tables was manned by representatives from AT&T, who are sponsoring a ‘No Texting and Driving’ campaign. Another stall was overseen by representatives from Nassau County’s KidPix program, which creates photo identification for children. A third table offered fire safety tips to residents of the village.

The target audience for the day consisted of parents with children. Several dozen families gathered for the event, lining up to collect information at each table. Parents were also able to sign their children up at the KidPix booth to get an ID card.

The people in charge of the tables used the help of a local print company to produce brochures and fliers which could then be handed out to those in attendance.

Although she’s too young to drive yet, Daniella Condon, a student at Mineola Middle School, said that she learned the importance of not texting while driving.

Mayor Ehrbar praised the concept of the event and stated that he hoped it would encourage people of all ages to be more aware of the dangers which were covered.