Students near Williston Park celebrate Arbor Day

May 16, 2013 by  

Fourth grade students from St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Williston, which neighbors Williston Park on Long Island, helped the city plant trees and celebrate Arbor Day at the beginning of May.

The four students, James Powers, Jorn Everson, Alisa Widder, and Lauren Urbi, each designed a prize-winning poster that celebrated the theme of ‘Plant a Tree, Save the Earth’, in honor of Arbor Day. The town can make use of professional poster printing to share the student’s winning designs among as many people as possible.

The students stood alongside of officials from the town of Williston during a tree-planting ceremony on May 9. The ceremony was the town’s 32nd annual celebration of Arbor Day. Ward Koeser, mayor of Williston, praised the four youngsters for their interest and appreciation for trees. Koeser went on to stress the importance of planting trees on Long Island and to encourage people in the town to plant new ones and to properly care for the ones they already have on their property.

Jorn Everson won first prize for his poster design. After the prizes were awarded, the real fun began. A large hole was dug in the ground by city foresters Bruce Johnson and Mike Bearce. The two foresters then rolled a Redmond Linden tree into the hole. The four children were able to help plant the tree by tossing dirt into the hole, with their hands and with shovels. The tree planting ceremony ended with some instructions from Johnson on how to care for trees.