Annual Marketing Summit starts May 14th

May 10, 2012 by  

Through the Conversational Marketing Summit of 2012, professionals from Williston Park and other areas of New York will have a rare opportunity to get an inside look at what the growth of the Internet has meant to businesses and the world at large.

Officially beginning on the 14th, the Annual Conversational Marketing Summit is going to be providing business professionals with an inside look at how the Digital Era has fundamentally changed society as a whole. Going by the title “The Thirty Thousand Foot View”, this conference is going to be covering everything from the past to the present. Besides open discussion on how Internet-based platforms have completely changed the way companies interact with prospects, topics covered during these presentations will also include information on how decision-makers can incorporate these developments into their own marketing plans.

Featuring a wide range of qualified presenters, including representatives from the White House, Facebook, Google, Stumbleupon, and Microsoft among others, this conference will expose attendees to a variety of perspectives. Beginning at 1:00pm and going five hours until 6:00pm on the 14th, the conference is going to take up most of the day. With the May 15th schedule showing a start time of 8:00am and a conclusion of around 5:00pm, however, the second day will take some maneuvering as well.

Whether an administration is considering the advantages of blogging and social media or thinking very seriously about the benefits of digital business cards, the Conversational Marketing Summit is a great place to find answers.