Westbury high schoolers share financial literacy skills

March 18, 2014 by  

Students from Westbury High School are showing that they can be mentors and role models to the younger set, through a program called High School Heroes. In early March, one of the lessons focused on the difference between something an elementary student might want and something he or she might need.

Students learned that “wants” are the bonus things in life while “needs” are such things as food and housing. Many of the elementary students were confused about the difference between the two before the high schoolers taught the lesson. For example, some students believed that toys and pets were items they needed.

The high schoolers are teaching students at Park Avenue Elementary School the basics of money and business through a series of 45-minute lessons. The program not only benefits the elementary kids; it also helps out the older students by teaching them to be leaders who have confidence and a strong knowledge of finance.

The students participating in the program can use a local print company to produce lesson plans and materials. Over the course of the semester, the students will present a total of five lessons.

Although the program is only a few weeks old, other lessons put together so far have focused on activities like participating in the community and building a strong neighborhood.