Westbury goes to the next dimension

September 23, 2012 by  

Westbury’s resident digital guru has just announced another technology breakthrough – a 2-D to 3-D conversion device that will alter the world of 3-D content for consumers. Gene Dolgoff, holder of more than 65 patents, recently unveiled his latest invention developed by his Westbury-based company, saying:

“…we have a very exciting product. It is an electronic box called the Instant 3-D Converter. It converts your TV into a 3DTV and you have unlimited 3-D content.”

Long experienced in the world of digital technology, Dolgoff is credited with inventing the LCD projector, holographic printing, and working on the commission that set the U.S. standards for digital high-definition television.

Retailing for at an affordable $299 dollars, the Instant 3-D Converter includes two types of 3-D glasses as well as the converter box. The equipment works with different devices and media, including gaming systems, handheld devices, televisions, video recording machines, Blu-Rays, standard DVD material, and more.

According to Dolgoff, his converter was designed to address the issues of scarce 3-D viewing content and the cost of pre-equipped 3-D televisions and computers. He comments:

“People love 3-D movie entertainment because it’s so much more real looking, making you feel like you are there in the action. The next logical step, of course, is 3DTV, computers and handheld devices at home.”

Well-known to print companies around the world thanks to his holographic printing technology, Dolgoff is now poised to become, literally, a household name. However, there is one last hurdle that needs to be addressed. Dolgoff announces:

“The technology works, but we need a design for the case. We will give you $10,000 if your design is the one we choose for the actual product when it comes out.”