Elementary students recognized for their lifesaving actions

February 13, 2013 by  

The quick thinking of a local student who was choking on his lunch, as well as the decisive actions of his schoolmate, may have saved his life toward the end of last month.

At Jackson Avenue Elementary School near Westbury, fourth-grader Steven Jones was eating lunch when a carrot stick became lodged in his throat. He signaled to his fellow students that he was choking by raising his hands to his throat.

Fortunately for Jones, his fellow student, Nicholas Ramos, also in fourth grade, knew what to do. Ramos asked another student to run for help. While the other student ran off, Ramos decided he should try a variation of the Heimlich maneuver to help his friend.

Ramos had learned the ‘back thrust’ maneuver from his Cub Scout Pack 246 several years before. The move dislodged the carrot from Jones’ throat after three solid hits to the mid-back area.

The two students have been recognized by the Mineola Free School District for their responses to a frightening situation. Jones has been acknowledged for properly using the choking signal to alert his classmates to the problem. Ramos has been acknowledged for sending a student for help and for properly performing the Heimlich on his friend.

Perhaps Westbury stationery printers could be made use of to produce certificates for the two boys. Posters could also be printed that describe the Heimlich maneuver and what to do if a student is choking. The posters could hang in classrooms and in the school’s cafeteria.