Valley Stream a top place for finding work, says study

November 19, 2013 by  

According to the results of a study carried out by NerdWallet last month, Valley Stream is among the best places to be for jobseekers in New York.

The financial company, which is based on the West Coast, ranked Valley Stream in seventh place for those seeking work. When the company took into account average household income, population of people aged 16 and over, and the unemployment rate, the community was ranked in second place among those on Long Island.

The study indicated that the median household income is around $85,000, while the unemployment rate features at 6.2%. The number of working age people in the community has steadily grown between 2008 and 2011.

A NerdWallet spokeswoman, Annie Wang, said that the results of the study are favorable for new residents to the area. According to Wang, the company has carried out the study to benefit consumers, with New York being one of the first cities to be chosen.

The aim of the investigation is to provide information for those considering relocation, including jobseekers. Wang went on to say that Valley Stream is a popular location as it is close to NYC, yet far enough away from the city to provide tranquility.

The rate of unemployment was based on data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and compared to other locations in New York. Those employers with positions available may rely on the local print companies and their services to attract those looking for work. Jobseekers, meanwhile, may turn to digital business card printing companies.