Junior fire department raises money for sick colleague

June 18, 2013 by  

Members of the Valley Stream Junior Fire Department have been busy raising money for 18-year-old Chris Schroeder, who has been fighting leukemia for two years. The most recent fund raising event was a pasta dinner which raised over $2,300 towards medical expenses, with more donations still arriving.

According to Jessica Fare, who is a senior student at Central High, Schroeder has been a member of the Valley Stream Junior Fire Department for about five years, playing an active role in the group. His father Wally is a firefighter and is attached to Engine Company No 2. Insurance covers most of the medical bills, but there are still expenses to pay for, including hospital visits, tests and doctors as Chris is in need of constant medical attention. On the day of the pasta dinner, Chris had to be admitted to hospital with heart problems although the event still went ahead.

Donations have been received from other fire departments and also teachers from South High School who attended the fund raiser. Thanks were given to local stores who donated food and made donations. The yearly softball game was held June 7 to raise money for the teenager. The game is held annually, and last year’s aim was to raise money for two of South High’s teachers, who had been stricken with cancer.

Local print companies may be involved with flyer printing services to promote the fund raising events to the local community. Chris’s family is all thankful for the support they are receiving.