Golfing get-together on June 16

June 1, 2012 by  

With both a full networking event and a golf fundraiser coming up in June, Baldwin-based professionals have at least two fun-filled activities to get excited about in the coming days.

It all begins June 4 with what’s being billed as a “Grand Business Networking Affair.” Starting at 6:30 pm and ending at roughly 9:00 pm, businesspeople from around the area will be given a unique opportunity to mix and mingle with one another. Featuring a provocative presentation coming from an interesting guest speaker, it is very clear that this occasion is one that has something for everyone. Hosted by the STEP Network, prospective attendees have nothing to worry about as far as the quality of this event is concerned. Simply by virtue of the networking alone, people will benefit from ordering business card printing from a reputable printing company.

Almost a fortnight after the networking meet-up is the “Family Fun Golf Outing” being hosted on June 16. Starting at 4:00 pm and ending approximately three and a half hours later at 7:30 pm, this is another chance for business owners and company decision makers to pick up new contacts in a more informal setting. With the proceeds going towards a great cause in the “Castle Restoration Project,” there’s an added benefit to putting in an appearance for this particular event.

Connections and first impressions are going to be valuable here, if only because of the range of networking opportunities. The sense of professionalism that a top-notch card produces is something that cannot be underestimated.