Baldwin to host self-publishing workshop

February 6, 2013 by  

A workshop for authors who want to self-publish is being held in Baldwin at the end of the month, presented by authors Karen Bonnet and Linda Maria Frank.

The workshop, called ‘So You Want To Write a Story: A Conversation with Two Authors’, is to be held at Baldwin Long Island library and will provide guidance on self-publishing, promotion, and the writing itself.

The two authors started out by self-publishing their own books, but are now well-known for their individual work. Frank is particularly renowned for the Annie Tillery Mysteries, while Bonnet is an author of children’s books, including Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones. In addition to providing workshops which are interactive and informative, the authors also donate a percentage from the book sales proceeds to a non-profits organization providing shelter and food for the needy – The Interfaith Nutritional Network. Bonnet and Frank also organize and plan events for other charitable organizations.

During the workshop, Bonnet and Frank will use personal anecdotes from their own experience in the world of self-publishing and writing. They also demonstrate how the Internet can be a powerful tool and how to use it to their advantage, including ‘The Writer’s Dream’ – a local access TV show created by the two authors. The workshop will provide the necessary tools for inspired writers to fulfill their dreams of self-publishing. Following completion of the workshops handouts will be provided for attendees, possibly printed using the services of local brochure printers.

The workshop is set to take place on February 25.