Baldwin commuters to enjoy shelter at LIRR stations

November 7, 2012 by  

Commuters from Baldwin, New York are among those who will soon benefit from longer opening hours of Long Island Rail Road’s (LIRR) station waiting rooms.

Around 85,100 daily commuters traveling at off-peak times have previously been stranded on freezing cold station platforms in winter and the extreme heat in summer, as the station waiting rooms opened early in the morning and closed in the afternoon.

The pilot program is gradually being extended to various stations, keeping them open until 10:00 pm during the week. The pilot started early in 2012 with 20 stations being kept open later at night. The stations included Stony Brook, Wantagh, Farmingdale, and Bethpage. A further 21 stations will be added to the pilot and among them are Baldwin, Island Park, and East Hampton. Baldwin commuters will notice that local flyer printing services have been utilized to publish the latest information to people traveling with Long Island Rail Road.

Off-peak travelers use the trains to travel east during the morning or west in the evening. Numbers of off-peak commuters have increased according to research carried out by LIRR – up by 5.3%. Numbers of other travelers have increased too – by 6.5% during 2011. The number of non-commuters is thought to have increased since the Barclays Center opened in Brooklyn.

New tracks are being built between Farmingdale and Ronkonkoma to make travel at off-peak times more convenient. The first part of the new track will be completed by 2016 and the second phase will be finalized during 2018.