All Hands organization help Freeport family move back home

January 5, 2013 by  

Just in time for New Year, the All Hands Volunteers organization has helped a family from Freeport move back home following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The volunteers have helped a number of families to return to their homes in New York cities affected by the storm, including Baldwin. Although the Blades family are now back home, they still have to face a tough challenge – twin son Elijah is fighting leukemia.

The family’s situation was reported by Amy Dardashtian from CBS 2, reporting how eight-year-old Nathaniel has helped his brother to cope with chemotherapy and the illness for the last five years. Superstorm Sandy devastated the family, according to Karon and Lennie Blades who lost many belongings in the storm, including memories.

The family has been away from their home for two months, until All Hands Volunteers turned up to help. However, following the flooding, which was also contaminated with fuel from boats washed up in the garden, the house is still not totally safe and has mold damage, but they are determined to carry on.

All Hands Volunteers is a non-profit organization which provides hands-on support to communities affected by disasters all around the world. The organization may utilize the printing services of local printers to call for volunteers and promote their services. The positive attitude of the family, facing their son’s illness and now Hurricane Sandy, has kept them going. Along with the help from All Hands Volunteers, the Blades family will continue to fight, which has influenced Elijah, who has now finished chemotherapy.