New York ready for one-wheeled mayhem

August 9, 2013 by  

Riding a bike is one thing, but a unicycle is an altogether different proposition. Those who head out to Governor’s Island this summer, however, might just be able to fulfill this dream.

At the end of the month, the NYC Unicycle Festival will be holding its third annual celebration. A variety of events will be held over three days, and guests will have ample opportunity to witness performances and stunts by experienced unicycle riders, and try their own hand at the one-wheeled contraption.

On August 30, there will be a 13-mile long unicycle ride through Brooklyn to kick off the event. The following day, the festivities will move to Governor’s Island where guests will have an opportunity to learn how to ride a unicycle and watch experienced riders compete in games of basketball, as well as different racing and trick competitions. The fun will continue into September 1 and the end of the Labor Day weekend.

Organizers and promoters for this event may well turn to printing companies to help them advertise for it. Printed materials, like flyers and posters, are an effective way to grab people’s attention and spread awareness about an event. Materials such as these can be distributed in neighborhoods of Brooklyn or other nearby areas, like Lower Manhattan, or areas of Staten Island, such as Todt Hill.

This event is sponsored by the Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc., a non-profit organization that promotes events that stem from a circus or vaudeville tradition. It is also put on by the New York Unicycle Club and the Unicycle New York City Bridge Tour.