Volleyball dating hits its stride in Syosset

February 25, 2014 by  

For single people who enjoy team sports, Weekenddating might have launched the perfect event this month

As of Sunday, February 9, the company has been hosting co-ed volleyball games for people to come and meet each other. Men and women of all ages are welcome to attend and mingle. It should be noted that these games are meant to be fun group building experiences, so those who are often competitive should be ready to keep that spirit in check.

Weekenddating strives not to blend events together, and likes to mix people from different age brackets into the same activities. The group is also much stricter than some other dating companies about checking the identification of guests and making sure that they are attending appropriate events.

The organizers for this event might want to advertise for it with the help of printing companies. The games will take place at SportsTime in Syosset, New York, which is very close to the populated town of Hicksville. Hanging posters or distributing flyers there might draw in more attendees.

The volleyball games run for four weeks taking place on Sundays. Those interested in the program had the opportunity register for all four weeks at $75 to $85, or they can purchase entry to individual days at $25 each, with the final one taking place this Sunday, March 2.