Syosset on the line

September 27, 2012 by  

The latest plan put forward for a high-speed rail corridor between Boston and Washington at the start of the month would be a major transportation coup for Syosset and other Long Island communities. In this latest iteration, developed by the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, a tunnel beneath Long Island Sound would link Port Jefferson with Wilton, Connecticut.

The price tag for the PennDesign corridor is $103bn dollars, although this is $48bn less than the Amtrak version that would completely by-pass Long Island.

If the PennDesign plan is adopted, the route, spanning 450 miles, would be completed in 2035. Long Island MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma would become a major hub, from which the track would move west through Suffolk, Nassau, and JFK Airport, before moving on to New York City.

High-speed passenger train travel, particularly in the Northeast, has come to the fore in recent years. At least 50%of the new track would be laid adjacent to existing lines. According to the PennDesign report, the benefits for the venture include cutting down on roadway congestion, reducing traffic at airports, easing pollution, and decreasing traffic deaths.

The new route would not only open up job markets for Long Islanders, it would also be a boon to existing businesses, from print companies looking for fast shipment options to construction companies needing fast delivery of building materials. The laying of new track also offers the option to partner with natural gas pipelines and fiber optic cable operations.

Though still in the visioning stage, the high-speed PennDesign rail plan offers exciting possibilities and benefits to scores of Long Island communities.