Syosset hospital recognized by American Heart Association

June 13, 2013 by  

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently awarded Syosset Hospital its ‘Get With The Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award’.

By giving the hospital the award, the AHA is recognizing the hospital’s ability to put a standard of care into practice that guarantees people who have suffered a stroke are treated in accordance with acceptable guidelines.

The director of stroke treatment, Joseph Garber, was delighted that the hospital received the award. Garber stated that the stroke department strives to provide patients with top-level treatment and care. The hospital has been using the AHA’s ‘Get With the Guidelines – Stroke’ program to help it provide the best care to stroke patients. According to Garber, receiving the award signals that the hospital and stroke team is on the right track. Garber expressed a sense of pride in the hospital’s staff. The hospital can make use of banner printing to advertise its achievement.

Studies have shown that hospitals that use the AHA’s Get With the Guidelines program for strokes provide patients with a higher quality of care. Patients in the program tend to have a better outcome as well. As part of the program, hospitals are given online patient management tools, standing orders, and discharge protocols. They are also provided with benchmarking programs that allow them to track performance in real time.

Treatment under the guidelines includes using medications such as the blood clot protein tPA, as well as drugs to reduce cholesterol. Smoking cessation counseling is also part of the guidelines. To qualify for an award from the AHA, a hospital must use the guidelines for a set amount of time.