Former Vice President Al Gore speaks to Syosset business leaders

March 13, 2013 by  

Al Gore is no stranger to the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, just a few miles south of Syosset, Long Island, and he recently made a return appearance there.

The club was the site of one of Gore’s earliest fundraisers when he was running for president. On March 6, the politician returned to the club for a slightly different reason. He was speaking to a group of businesspeople and other leaders as part of the Long Island Association’s luncheon. The talk was structured as a question-and-answer session. Kevin Law, the chief of the Long Island Association, asked the questions, with topics covered including business, the environment, and politics.

Gore joked that there were considerably more people in attendance at the lunch than there were the last time he graced the Crest Hollow Country Club, with local flyer printer perhaps helping raise awareness of his visit. Hundreds of people turned up to hear him Gore stressed the importance of choosing business partners wisely. He did mention his time serving as vice president when Bill Clinton was in the White House, noting that it was important that he and Clinton had a trusting relationship and that the two were completely loyal to each other.

During the questioning, Gore also stated his opinion that the economic climate was similar to that of the Great Depression and that many challenges were in store. The rest of the talk covered topics like healthcare reform and taxes, with Gore being wary of cutting taxes for high-earning individuals.