Dock damaged by Huricanne Sandy to be repaired

August 17, 2013 by  

Although Superstorm Sandy left a trail of damage in its wake, much has been repaired in the last ten months. In the town of Oyster Bay, near Syosset, the Town Dock has been left neglected, until now.

Repairs on the dock are to begin immediately. The company that won the bid to work on the structure, promised to complete the project within the next 30 days and to get started right away. Woodstock Construction Group placed the winning bid of $185,130. The company is local to Oyster Bay.

Fortunately, the dock didn’t suffer any structural damage during the storm, so major repairs are not necessary. Repair work will focus on replacing planks, railings and boards.

The reopening of the pier is big news to locals. Once repairs are finished, the city might consider using poster printing to advertise the revitalized dock. The western waterfront pier is a popular location for area fisherman. It’s also the focal point of the town’s yearly Oyster Festival. Each year, historic ships and vessels dock at the pier as a part of the festival.

Work on the dock has begun to guarantee that it will be in prime condition by the time this year’s festival rolls around. Brian Devine, a spokesperson for the town, stated that the early start date for repairs was meant to guarantee that the pier will be ready and to avoid any potential conflicts with the festival. This year’s Oyster Festival will take place on October 19 and 20.