No white Christmas, but a Brown Christmas awaits

December 19, 2012 by  

Bringing all the favorite Peanut Characters back to life during the holiday season, a live stage production of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is currently on show in the area, but it will be coming to an end this weekend.

Poster printing and brochure printing were surely used to advertise this wonderful holiday classic to adults and children in this community. This production will be enjoyed by all age groups, so now is the time to book tickets so as not to miss out.

During this production, the audience will see Charlie Brown complain about how much materialism exists in the world, especially by all his friends during the Christmas season. Lucy, his longtime friend, suggests to him that he should take on the role of director for their annual school’s Christmas pageant and he accepts it. After accepting the title, Charlie Brown finds fulfilling his role to be a challenge, although he attempts to restore everyone’s Christmas spirit by picking out and bringing in a “sad” fir Christmas tree. His attempts fail until his other good friend, Linus, shares the true meaning of Christmas with everyone. This delightful Christmas favorite is a must during the holiday season – not to mention a great way to support local theater.

Tickets are only $20 per person and a good time is almost guaranteed. A Charlie Brown Christmas will be performed this Saturdays at 3:30 pm and Sunday at 11:00 am, with Sunday, December 23 being the final showing. The location is the SoLuna Studio in Hauppauge, New York, which is just a short drive from Smithtown. For tickets, please visit SoLuna Studio’s website.