SCMDA continues with Schenectady business drive

July 8, 2013 by  

Another company is set to move into Schenectady, offering new jobs and new opportunities for local people here.

The move comes as the Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority (SCMDA) continues to help businesses to locate here.

The latest company to make the move is Auterra Incorporated., An increasingly key player in the oil and gas industry, the firm moves into the town at a very exciting time.

An early-stage set-up, Auterra is responsible for developing an all new process for the clean-up of oil.

With the use of special chemicals, low-grade oil is cleaned up, making it safer for transportation, improving its ability to sell, and thereby increasing the profitability of the product for providers.

Founded by Eric Burnet, also the CEO of the company, Auterra presently has six patents to its name. However, as growth looks highly likely, the company also has a further six patents waiting approval.

With job creation therefore likely, print companies in and around Schenectady could well find themselves with orders for business card printing in the near future.

At present, Auterra has 17 permanent employees. Over the next few years, and with those patents pending, up to 12 new roles are expected to be created.

In order to help with the move, from Auterra’s present base in Malta, NY, the SCMDA is providing a grant of $75,000.

This will be used to relocate to a much larger working space on Technology Drive here. Auterra will move into a leased 21,600 square foot space on the Technology Drive Business Park.