Schenectady summer season to be a safe one

June 14, 2013 by  

With summer getting underway and temperatures starting to rise, jumping into the cooling waters around Schenectady is an understandable temptation. However, water can be a real danger to our kids, and the Capital District YMCA is eager to make everyone aware of the risks.

To help combat the danger, the YMCA is launching a new initiative, with poster printing and flyer printing likely to decorate the city soon.

The Splash initiative is a water safety drive aimed at our kids, and explains how they can still have fun in the water, but stay safe.

The drive kicked off on Friday, June 7, at the pool at Schenectady High School. Somewhere in the region of 65 fourth-graders from Hamilton Hill Elementary took part in a workshop demonstrating water safety activities.

Over 250 kids from the area will eventually take part in the workshops, which are taking place at the moment. It is hoped that the kids will pick up good habits from the lessons, and take them on into later life.

Talking about the hope of the drive, which is now in its second year, the YMCA’s Erin Breslin said:

“Splash encourages awareness of not just pool safety, but water safety,

“We know that [this] knowledge encourages a change in behavior…”

With figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that drowning is a leading cause of ‘unintentional, injury-related’ deaths in kids below age four, the importance of these initiatives cannot be underestimated.