Plans ahead to boost Schenectady of the future

February 18, 2013 by  

The last few weeks has seen significant steps being taken to boost the Electric City in the future, with redevelopment of key sites and greater numbers of residents being targeted.

It is hoped that the regeneration plans will provide a boost to businesses in the area too, with print companies here eager to help business growth as the city develops.

In mid-January, it was confirmed the city’s historic Steinmetz Park would undergo major works. The plans outlined include the building of a new pavilion, the complete renovation of the existing bathhouse and the creation of a new park.

The plans have been a long time in coming. Nearly seven years ago, the city commissioned a study into the park, and what should be done with the space.

It was confirmed that the works should be completed by the end of 2013. Banner printing will likely be needed for the big reopening.

However, the $650,000 budget for the works is someway short of the $2m spend the study suggested, though the final addition of a bathroom to the park, should at least start to attract more visitors, according to the Council’s Commissioner of General Services Carl Olsen.

More park visitors could also be a result of Mayor Gary McCarthy’s persistent search for more home owners, or ‘urban pioneers’, in Schenectady.

In what was the Mayor’s first official State of the City address since coming to office 2011, he called for more action to be taken to populate some 150 empty properties under the new Home Ownership Made Easy in Schenectady (HOMES) program.