More apartments slated for Schenectady

August 13, 2013 by  

Downtown Schenectady is set to see more apartments come online, as the city continues to recover from losses in population and economic woes in recent years.

Employing a similar strategy to other cities in the area, such as Albany, investors here are no doubt readying catalog printing runs for a number of developments.

At 245 Broadway, there is a $3m, three-story development currently under construction. A signature affair, the 18 apartments will be completed with such touches as granite worktops and stainless steel appliances.

Including state-of-the-art design and innovation too, eventual tenants will be able to download an app allowing them to see who is buzzing to be let in.

There is also retail space on the ground floor of the development, with the owner of the property encouraged by the growing number of businesses now coming into the downtown area.

One company looking to ramp up its new business card printing runs, for example, is General Electric. A number of other firms in the area are also taking on new staff, which is fueling developer John Luke Hodorowski’s desire to seek more sites.

Hodorowski said:

“We really believe in the area.

“We’re looking at acquiring other properties to do similar projects downtown.”

Another development nearby to the Broadway site is also taking shape.

A smaller project of just five luxury apartments, the century-old 515 State Street site is a family affair. Complete with exposed internal brick walls and early 20th century tin ceilings, it will also offer commercial space when completed.