Sporty savings to be made

August 24, 2012 by  

Rockville Centre residents have a couple of options available to them in the near future, with the Sportset Health & Fitness Club running two promotions this month. Whether individuals have specific weight-loss goals in mind or are just working towards a more physically active lifestyle, the opportunities are there to do exactly that.

For those who are interested in implementing a regular physical regimen, the Sportset Heatlh & Fitness Club is doing its part to make sure that residents are aware of how they can regularly work out on their own terms at a substantial discount. The first of these is the ‘Beat the Summer Heat’ promotion that the club has been running. Residents who claim this deal will be able to sign up at 60% while also getting 25% off of their monthly membership fees.

Those who are looking more at individual training plans are also in luck with the Health & Fitness Club also offering a bargain for that service this month as well. This time around, the savings for these packages are set at 15% off the cost of regular personal training packages. With this deal wrapping up next Friday, August 31, however, there is something to be said for registering as soon as possible.

If the flyers that can be viewed on the site are anything to go by, print companies are more than likely to have played a role in producing various printing services. With limited spots and deadlines coming up here, people are being advised to contact the gym as soon as they can.