RVC named best place for job hunters

October 17, 2013 by  

A new survey has put Rockville Centre as the number one place in New York to look for a job.

RVC’s stable population, along with the high average income here, were major factors in the analysis by website NerdWallet.

According to the most recent census data, Rockville Centre has a median annual income of over $108,000 per household. RVC also has a relatively settled population. In the time frame from 2008 through 2011, there has been a minimal decline of just 1.2%.

RVC also has a very low unemployment rate. According to the latest figures, Rockville’s jobless rate lies at just 5.3%. This is significantly clear of the New York state average of 7.6%.

An analyst at the firm said that it was more a question of jobseekers being given a firm foundation from which to start their hunt from, rather than the amount of vacancies for which to apply.

Anne Wang said:

“What we really tried to look out was a holistic view. It wasn’t necessary where people can find the best jobs.

“We were trying to look for cities that have the best circumstances for job seekers.”

Throughout the research, the analysts factored in census data from all of the top cities and towns throughout the United States. Long Island came out of it very well overall – not just here in RVC.

Also posting good results for jobseekers were Huntington, Smithtown, and Valley Stream, with their stability also providing a great place to live while working.