Rockville Chamber allows members to advertise

January 23, 2012 by  

There are at least two Rockville Centre businesses taking advantage of the chamber’s popularity and advertising their services by offering coupons.

Although most entrepreneurs are aware of how chamber meetings and networking events can benefit their companies, it seems that not very many members are aware of how the Rockville Centre Chamber of Commerce essentially provides free digital business cards. Directly on the site itself, the chamber has a section called “merchant coupons”.

As long as a local company is offering something at a discount, it can promote itself through the Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, a business that opts to go this way doesn’t have to give up anything sizable. Just glancing at the first coupon on the list, Cartagine Chiropractic and Wellness on North Park Avenue is giving away a “complimentary chiropractic consultation”. The advertisement is written in a concise but friendly manner. Case in point:

“Call for your free gift certificate for a complimentary chiropractic consultation. We specialize in a gentle approach to spinal health and create an individual wellness program for you. Our mission is to positively change people’s lives.”

Those who call are asked to say something about the coupon and the appointment can be booked as follows. What’s notable about all this is the fact that the company isn’t giving up too much with this deal. Similarly, Healthworks Massage Therapy is also extending an offer to new patients that’s good for a $5 deduction on massages and free aromatherapy. The total value of this offer is worth $15.

No matter how it’s looked at, the chamber website is a worthwhile marketing opportunity.