Ballet classes about to pirouette in

January 15, 2014 by  

To get this weekend underway, Alex Ray Studios Inc. will be offering a fitness and dance event for anyone who wants to attend.

Whether they might be looking to improve some dance technique or different sort of fitness experience, the Ballet Barre Fitness Experience focuses on barre techniques from ballet dance. However, it also includes work with Swiss balls, weights, resistance tubing, and resistance bands to create a comprehensive workout.

Alex Ray Studios Inc. is run by dancers Fallon Fleming, Kimberly Matthias, and Michelle Parris. The group teaches dance and performs showcases of dance as well. Though this new style of dance and fitness is something that interests many, the group offers more traditional dance classes as well. The studios are located in Hempstead on Long Island, so not too far away from Rockville Centre.

Organizers for this event may want to turn to printing companies for help with advertising. Flyers and promotional posters can draw attention to the class and, if the group has a mailing list, they may want to have postcards printed as well. Dance studios often have informational brochures detailing the specifics of their programs and classes as well, so perhaps they will turn to brochure printing companies for those items.

The class has an $8 entry fee and will take place this Friday, January 17. It runs from 5:45 pm until 8:00 pm. Attendees are also welcome to schedule private sessions if they would like, provided they make arrangements in advance.