Unique and diverse pop culture convention to be held in Rochester

August 26, 2012 by  

Residents living in the city of Rochester, New York will have the opportunity to participate in a series of activities at Roccon – an anime and science/fiction convention that is to be held at a popular venue within the city.

Printing companies will probably collaborate with the hosts of the convention through poster printing and catalog printing services, as these informative methods of advertisement can help guests schedule an appropriate time to attend specific events. It is not so often that convention organizers provide for more than one interest during a convention. While many conventions cater to a specific audience, this is not the case at Roccon, where guests will walk in to find a very diverse environment of people that have taken an interest in very different areas of pop culture.

Collectors and small business owners of stores that sell collectables are expected to be in abundant supply during the entire convention. The activities alone will allow for guests of Roccon to experiment with differing interests. Science fiction and fantasy authors, as well as guest appearances of anime voice actors and sci-fi movie and television actors, will no doubt be available for guest panels and questionnaires. More activities and guest appearances are expected to be listed as the convention draws nearer.

Roccon is scheduled to take place in rochester, New York at the Main Street Armory over the weekend of September 21 – 23. Ticket prices may vary depending on time of registration and age. For more information, please visit the Texancon homepage.