Rochester Community Coalition takes a direct approach with legislators

February 21, 2012 by  

The Rochester Community Coalition took the next course of action in seeing its agenda through by meeting with legislators to tackle the issue of funding and economic development.

According to the Rochester Business Alliance’s website, the Community Coalition’s list looks something like this:

• “Correcting an ongoing and large per-capita disparity in state Aid to Municipalities funding that Rochester receives in comparison with other Upstate cities;
• Four items that would bring mandate relief to local governments;
• Funding to expand after-school programs to support youth;
• A focus on four transformational projects identified in the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council’s current strategic plan.”

As can be seen by these stated goals, the coalition’s main concern is for the community. Based on the press release that can be read on the Rochester Business Alliance’s website, it would seem that the group is hoping that by being more aggressive it’ll start seeing more results. Ken Warner of Unions and Businesses United in Construction explained it this way on the same page:

“…This year’s list contains initiatives crucial to the economic development in our region and it is vital that we get the attention from Albany we deserve. We’ve waited for as long as two decades for many of these asks. We can’t afford to wait another 20 years.”

Offering seminars and networking events worth bringing business card printing for, the Rochester Business Alliance has been an invaluable resource for many local entrepreneurs. Between these and the formation of the Community Coalition it’s clear that the organization has the region’s best interests at heart.