RBA to host ‘Power-Up Your Print Advertising’

April 14, 2012 by  

The Rochester Business Alliance has once again filled its calendar with a series of informative presentations for business owners and entrepreneurs on the whole who are interested in getting more out of their companies. Between events like ‘Power-Up Your Print Advertising’ and ‘Courageous Transparency’, there are at least a couple of practical workshops Rochester professionals can attend.

Whether dealing with something as individualized as flyer printing or instead getting ready to launch that new promotion via banner printing and billboards, print advertising is an important part of getting the attention of prospects. Thing is, with space and time considerations to consider, teams need to work that much harder to get people’s attention and then to maintain it.

On April 18th, local professionals will be getting a chance to attend ‘Power-Up Your Print Advertising’. Beginning at 8:30 am and concluding just after noon at 12:30 pm, this one will take up the entire morning. Priced at $160 for RBA members and at $195 for those that aren’t members, this is a great opportunity to sit in and learn a valuable skill.

Speaking of essential skills that entrepreneurs need to have, “Courageous Transparency: Being Real in Business” is going to be covering the basics of giving bad news on April 20th. With both employees and clients, there are times when the giving of negative feedback is necessary. In the interests of helping professionals communicate bad news in a manner that leaves the company’s reputation intact. Exclusive to RBA members, this is another event that’s worth looking into.