RBA hosts yet another full calendar

July 20, 2012 by  

As is typically expected of the Rochester Business Alliance, local decision-makers have a number of excellent options available to them in the coming, weeks with an informative webinar, a Legal Symposium, and a marketing-oriented workshop all showing up on the calendar.

Things start off pretty soon from now with the ‘Managing Email Webinar’ being hosted on June 23. Beginning at noon and ending an hour and a half later at 1:30 pm, this one is going to be based primarily around helping business professionals to organize their emails. Being hosted online and adding up to a reasonable cost overall, business owners who are looking for ways to better organize their inbox messages can learn how to do so over the course of this online session.

Following the webinar will be another segment of the always interesting Legal Symposium series. With a title like ‘The Legalities of Record Retention,’ it is immediately clear that the subject of this July 26 event is going to be of interest to local professionals. In light of the threat posed by identity theft, it is perfectly understandable that residents would want to consider marketing to the company as a general rule. This workshop looks to let people know when the time is right to shred.

Just a few days later, on August 2, the Business Alliance will also be hosting a workshop called ‘Create Winning Marketing Messages.’ Whether management is utilizing banner printing, flyer printing, stationery printing, or even catalog printing, the goal is to maximize campaigns. Beginning at 8:30 am, this is another event from which local entrepreneurs stand to gain.