Souper Bowl in 2012

January 18, 2012 by  

With the 2012 Souper Bowl fast approaching, members of Port Washington’s businesses will be able to work with the community.

On January 28th, Port Washington will be holding yet another Souper Bowl. Traditionally taking place the last Saturday before the real Super Bowl, this event is one that lovers of free food can’t afford to miss. Complete with raffles and live musicians, this proceeds of this event go towards helping the less fortunate.

Although tickets have been on sale for a while and people are already excited, it’s worth pointing out that there are “more than 40 restaurants and chefs” providing food for the Souper Bowl guests to enjoy. According to the poster printing available for download, there are over 30 restaurants getting involved and using this as an opportunity to promote themselves and their food. Since there’s also going to be a “People’s Choice” vote at some point, these hard-working chefs and restaurants also have a shot at receiving additional exposure.

While there’s obviously going to be a wide variety of soups and desserts present at the Souper Bowl, it’s also interesting to note that there are plenty of non-food industry businesses that have supplied financial backing. Names like Fidelity Investments, Comcast, and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico are just three of the ones to be seen in the flyer.

With the schedule indicating a start time of 11 am and wrap-up of 2:00 pm, this is going to be an action-packed event. Come out and support the cause.