New boutique store opens on Main Street

January 1, 2013 by  

The downtown area of Port Washington last month welcomed a new addition to its existing list of boutiques.

Shoe Vault opened up in a building on Main Street that was constructed near the beginning of the 20th Century.

Sources have reported that the interior of the shop is highly reminiscent of lower Manhattan, as its décor and feel were inspired by established features of the SoHo area.

Despite its chic interior, the shop is said to maintain the character and charm of its historic building through the preservation of the original facades. The original brick walls are exposed to view and a skylight in casings of wrought iron is found overhead. Black tile flooring is used as chandeliers of black crystal shed light on the space, providing a shopping environment that Port Washington News described as both high-end and comfortable.

The shop draws its name from two vaults remaining in place from the time when a real estate firm occupied the building.

Shoe Vault has set up shop to sell a range of footwear – from sandals and flat shoes to boots and high heels, with prices varying.

Often, when new retail stores open in areas with similar stores already in place, professionally printed marketing materials will be used to show the public just how the new store is different from its competitors. Professional catalog printing is commonly called upon for catalogs in which current ranges are showcased.

All of the major credit cards are accepted at the Shoe Vault, and gift certificates are also available.