Howling good time to be had in Port Washington

March 14, 2014 by  

Port Washington natives who enjoy R&B, blues, and swing music should get excited for the return of Willie and the Wolves to the Dolphin Café in a couple of weeks.

Four members of the full band, consisting of Willie Wolf on guitar, Steve Marks on the bass, Fred Ginsberg on the trumpet, and the voice of Anne DeAcetis, will be performing original pieces and old time standards in a live show.

Willie Wolf has been performing for years and has toured and performed shows with a variety of other well-traveled musicians. He has played live with Evan Gregory from the Gregory Brothers, Brian Lease from Fisherman’s Burlesque, and Clark Gayton, who was a member of Bruce Springstein’s touring band. He composes original music in the Latin R&B, blues, and swing genres. Occasionally he and his group enjoy playing covers of old classics as well.

Promoters for this event who work with Willie Wolf or for the Dolphin Cafe may reach out to print companies to create flyers or posters that they can use to advertise it. If either Wolf or the Cafe has a mailing list, they might also want postcards printed so that they can send them to their followers.

The performance will take place on Friday, March 28, beginning at 7:00 pm. The last show was close to being sold out, so those who are interested may want to arrive on the earlier side.