Watery fun for Port Jefferson Station residents

August 19, 2012 by  

Port Jefferson Station water-lovers who fancy cheering on a wacky competition have a weekend event that should suit them perfectly at Bayles Boat Shop, with the 2nd annual Sikaflex ‘Quick and Dirty’ Boat Build being held.

At 10:00am tomorrow, August 18, 12 teams of enthusiastic boat builders will gather at Bayles. In four hours, each team will craft a seaworthy vessel to use in the race event scheduled for the next day. Prior to the Sunday race, the teams will gather at Bayles, once again by 10:00 am, to paint their crafts before the competition.

Kathy O’Sullivan of the Long Island Seaport and Eco Center, one of the sponsors of the boat build, noted that in last year’s event that only one of the small boats sank. O’Sullivan called the race a “zany event” and said:

“[It was designed to] test the seaworthiness of the hastily constructed vessels over a 100 meter course.”

North Shore Lumber Company donated the wood used in this year’s competition and Sika Corporation was the maker of the adhesive used in the building process. It seems Sika supports these types of events all around the world.

For local businesses, the ‘Quick and Dirty’ Boat Build offers the opportunity to participate in a fun, community event through sponsoring one of the local teams. A modest contribution allows even small companies, such as the neighborhood printing company or coffee shop, to get involved.

Bayles Boat Shop is a project of the nonprofit Long Island Seaport and Eco Center, an organization focused on environmental issues. Classes in boat building are taught at the location year round.