Sweet-toothed locals can yell for yogurt

October 28, 2013 by  

Residents of “Port Jeff” who enjoy sweets have a new option: Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is open and serving treats to customers.

The yogurt shop has been open for only a few weeks, though its owner, Jungho Yoo, has worked for two years to make his dream come true. He searched for just the right spot and found it in Port Jefferson Station, where he discovered a community he likes as well as clean, fresh air. He is excited by the opportunity and plans to make Tutti Frutti a success.

Tutti Frutti Yogurt is located at 5510 Nesconset Highway, in the Home Goods center. The difference between Yoo’s shop and similar establishments, says Yoo, is that his frozen yogurt is made from soy beans, which eliminates the need for artificial flavoring. It is also non-fat, gluten-free, is not genetically modified, and has protein added.

All the yogurt is made in-house, and Tutti Frutti can make any flavor customers request. Yoo has just added peach to the menu, since customers kept asking for it. He adds that his yogurt is not as bitter or sweet as other brands, and that it is healthy. The average price for an order at Tutti Frutti is $5.

Since Tutti Frutti is a new business with a new angle on a common product, Yoo could work with brochure printers to create a mailer to residents listing all the flavors, as well as his commitment to healthy eating. He could also include a coupon to bring customers to the shop for the first time.