MS Climb to the Top event near Port Jefferson Station

January 22, 2013 by  

In early March, the 5th Annual MS ‘Climb to the Top’ fundraiser will take place in New York City, beginning at Rockefeller Center concourse.

The Climb to the Top is a fun and unusual event where participants will climb to the top of the rock observation deck, 66 flights of stairs, located at Rockefeller Center. Residents from New York City, Long Island, Queens, Port Jefferson Station, and other surrounding neighborhoods will participate in this fundraising event.

After meeting the $250 fundraising minimum, participants will receive a bib and timing chip which will record the course time from the beginning entrance to the stairwell exit. Hydration stations will be available along the climb. Upon completion of the climb participants will have access to snacks including bananas, bagels and other food options. Climb finishers will also receive a t-shirt and medal upon completion.

A serious neurological disorder, multiple sclerosis, can progressively interfere with a person’s ability to move. The National MS Society’s goals and focus are to put an end to this debilitating disease through various fundraising events across the country. Funds are dedicated to research, education, and assistance programs.

Fundraising success is based on effective advance communication and planning to ensure substantial participation. Postcard printing has proven to be a viable technique to mass communicate an event on an economical basis. Postcards can be hand-distributed, placed in display racks, and direct mailed to reach a wide audience.

With the event beginning at 6:00 am on March 3, event details are available on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s website as well as registration options for individuals or teams. Sponsors may also participate online.