Plainview-based networking group provides promotional opportunities

February 27, 2012 by  

Based in Plainview, the Long Island Business Networking Group’s next event is taking place on March 13.

As is par for the course at these events, the Long Island Business Networking Meetup is starting at 7:00 pm and there is going to be plenty of time allotted for individuals who are looking to form personal connections with other entrepreneurs. Set at the usual price of $15.00 there will be plenty of follow-up opportunities available for those who arrive with an adequate supply of business card printing.

An aspect of these Long Island Business Networking events that shouldn’t be overlooked are the other ways that business owners can promote themselves. Case in point, group members have the option of supplying a raffle prize.

Taken directly from the Long Island Business Networking page, those who are generous enough to make an offer will be reciprocated as follows:

“…If you want to OFFER A RAFFLE PRIZE, you will get your name and your website listed on the very successful blog,http://longislandentr….You can donate a product, but also a service or a discount on your service…” (sic.)

For companies that are looking for more exposure, this is one way to get in a hurry.

Speaking of raising awareness, the group organizer makes another offer worth pursuing:

“…Send me an email if you are the organizer of an event, fair, fundraiser, etc. I will be happy to add it to the EVENT LIST, which is sent out every week so everyone can benefit from it.” (sic.)