Swirling experience offered this weekend

February 22, 2013 by  

‘Wheel-Thrown Pottery’ is a class being conducted to teach people how to create pottery by using a potter’s wheel and their hands to form structured or unique artworks. This is a beginner’s workshop and is designed for adults.

The course will last approximately two hours and offer interactive instruction. Flyer printing may have been used to promote this course to people in this community and the surrounding area.

During this two-hour workshop, guests will receive step-by-step direction and personal guidance as they work to create a fully functional wheel-thrown piece of pottery that is food safe. With this session, two additional hours will be provided to each student to learn about how to trim their pottery piece after it has been through the drying period.

Part of the session will be used to glaze the piece of pottery after the first kiln firing. All additional time and instruction is included in the price of this workshop, as well as the additional second firing that is required after the glazing process. Pre-registration is required for this workshop and must be done by phone or email, as class size is limited.

The cost to attend this class is $25 per person and each person will leave with a fully finished, usable piece of pottery. It will be happening tomorrow, February 23, beginning at 11:00 am and run until 1:00 pm at the Gather Studio located at 83 E Main Street in Patchogue, New York. To register, please visit the Gather Studio website or call Gather Studio at 631-654-1351 at any time.