Pyramids and mummies at Saxton Middle School

January 1, 2013 by  

The library at Saxton Middle School became a showcase for all things ancient Egyptian recently as sixth grade students from the school presented its Ancient Egyptian Exhibition.

Last month, the students displayed a number of items created with an ancient Egyptian vibe – including model pyramids, bumper stickers, and masks.

The students study ancient Egypt as part of their curriculum, but the school’s teachers set out to enhance their students’ learning further by encouraging them to get in touch with their creative sides.

Joan Soldano, who is a teacher at the school, said:

“This way parents can come in and see what’s happening in the classroom besides just pencil and paper tests which is what is happening in this day and age of assessments.

“This is authentic learning and this is the way I believe students learn best.”

The students themselves were eager to explain how they approached the various projects, pointing to the materials used and what they discovered about the ancient Egyptians in the process.

One student built a mini-pyramid complete with a hinged door. He told PatchoguePatch:

“They are very hard to build. I didn’t really think they were that hard, but I see that they were very hard to do.”

Schools often outline the various hands-on projects and exhibitions they have lined up throughout the academic year by using promotional material, which can be provided through local print companies and brochure printers in Patchogue and the wider region.

Another teacher called the exhibition “awesome” and “authentic”, explaining how taking a hands-on approach helps children to learn more easily.