Patchogue to embrace the Alternative

January 20, 2014 by  

The Alternative Routes, with their vast selection of music and high-energy stage presence, will take the audience on a trip later this week by combining ballads, singalongs, and jams that are out of the norm. The band’s promoter might have used poster printing to promote this exciting performance to music fans in the area.

This group obtained their well-suited name as they have never fit very well into any definite genre, so referencing them has often been a struggle for music journalists. They established a fan base the old-fashioned way, by building one fan at a time as they toured around the country in a large, white Ford van playing their catchy tunes and performing a solid and explosive show.

The Alternative Routes were founded in 2004 by Eric Donnelly and Tim Warren, who have taken the group on a journey through the music industry. Their music has a wide range of genres, but their fans find them easy to listen to and enjoy even if they are somewhat harder to pigeonhole. The radio stations played nine songs from their album ‘A Sucker’s Dream’, each appealing to a different audience.

Tickets for this concert cost $10 per person. The Alternative Routes will be appearing live on Thursday, January 23rd at 8pm at the 89 North Music Venue located at 89 North Ocean Avenue in Patchogue, New York. To learn more about this band or to purchase your tickets in advance, please visit the 89 North Music Venue website or call their office during regular hours.