Live music and other festivities to rock Port Jefferson

August 26, 2012 by  

Later this year, Port Jefferson and other nearby cities, such as Patchogue and Centereach, will see the return of the American Music Festival for the seventh time. With 25 headlining bands and a score of other artists playing on three different stages, the festival is sure to bring together a multitude of guests.

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During the American Music Festival, one may expect to find many different activities in which to participate. At the same time, vendors and owners of small businesses will be present for the duration of the festival, making this a crucial occasion for business card printing, as many business owners may find it in their best interest to trade business cards for the purpose of expanding their company’s overall audience.
Bands playing at the festival include Noah’s Ark, the Ramblers, Fosterchild, and Sunrise Skyline. Raffle tickets will also be available to attendees for $20, giving folks a chance to win prizes. Sponsorship for the event can range from $250 for a basic advertising package to $12,500 for a Presenting Sponsor package, which will include banners, VIP seating tickets, and dinner for six, among other perks.

The 7th American Music Festival is scheduled to take place from September 23 – 25. Tickets prices, stage locations, and other information can be found at the American Music Festival homepage.