HR Diversity Conference takes place April 13th

April 11, 2012 by  

The Patchogue Chamber of Commerce has an interesting Saint Joseph’s College event listed on its website. Centered primarily on the subject of how businesses can utilize and appreciate the differences of staff members, the Human Resources Diversity Conference is going to be nothing less than an informative seminar.

Starting at 8:30am and going for the better part of the day with a 4:00pm conclusion, this conference is going to be a learning opportunity for everyone involved. Going currently under the title “HR Diversity Conference: Moving Your Organization Forward”, this is a great opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs, and Human Resource managers to come in and learn more about how to manage workplace diversity more effectively. Featuring a series of workshops as they relate to management and leading people, the conference is going to be expertly mixing practical training with the theoretical side of this complex topic. The printing services of local print companies will likely be needed here as well.

With Christina Vargas Law, of Stony Brook University, giving the main presentation, the advantages of attending become all the more clear. After having hosted the HR Diversity Conference for three years prior, it goes without saying that organizers have more than enough of the experience needed to run this event efficiently. Priced currently at $80 a ticket, $30 for those who are a part of St. Joseph’s college, and $160 for those attending in groups of three, this event is already looking to be worth the cost of admission.

Since this one’s coming up fairly quickly, however, interested attendees will have to purchase tickets soon.