Fun-packed show sees in Patchogue weekend

December 20, 2013 by  

Later on today, the Bobbi-CUTE Burlesque Holiday Show Spectacular is delivering some of the finest performers in the theatrical genre from Long Island and New York City in time for this weekend.

This presentation is by Propane Productions, and no doubt a succession of printing services have been used to spread the showcase to people in this community, as well as in the districts surrounding the city.

The show provides people the opportunity to watch some exciting live entertainment in Patchogue Village. Üla Überbusen, producer of the Tainted Caberet and the Victrola Burlesque, will once again be hosting the show with her band of assistants. Those who attend will enjoy a highlight as Left Lucy, Miss Coney Island 2011, makes her way to the stage. While at the show, those present can enjoy some roulette, craft beer, and BBQ eats, and should also not let the chance to buy a raffle ticket pass them by on what promises to be a festive night to remember.

Admission to this show is $5 per person, and it will be occurring on Friday, December 20, from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm at the Bobbique located at 70 W. Main Street in Pachogue, New York. To learn more about this special event, please visit the venue’s website or call it during normal business hours.

Other events taking place at the Bobbique over the next few days include appearances from Atomic Red Hots, Todd Wolfe, and Blues Box Mission Band.