Reptiles and amphibians leap and slither in for the weekend

May 24, 2013 by  

Wave Hill has a treat in store this weekend for anybody who is a fan of the slimy, the slithery, and the amphibious.

A presentation entitled ‘Reptiles and Amphibians of the Lower Hudson Valley’ will focus on such creatures native to Riverdale, New York. An instructor from the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum will be discussing the different diets, adaptations, habitats, and life cycles of the salamanders, toads, turtles, and snakes with which New Yorkers share their state. There will be live animals to observe on hand, and the idea is that guests will know what to look for the next time they pass by a pond or marsh.

Wave Hill is located in the Bronx and is a public garden overlooking the Palisades and the Hudson River. Part of its mission is to preserve the beautiful views it offers, so that they can be enjoyed by one generation after the next. Another is to cultivate the connection of humanity to the world of nature by sponsoring educational programs focused on nature, horticulture, and the arts.

Organizers for this event might turn to flyer printing companies to get the word out. Flyers or other promotional materials distributed in other parts of New York City could draw in more attendance. Wave Hill is also a short drive from upstate areas like Mount Vernon or New Rochelle, so advertising in those areas could pay off.

The presentation takes place tomorrow, May 25, starting at 2:00 pm.